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Submit your Proposal

Submission Format and Procedure

In this MOCO conference, we give you the option to publish your paper in the conference proceedings that will be indexed and published in the ACM digital library. We call this the ‘ACM publication track’. However, it is also possible to only submit an abstract of your presentation for review. In this case, your paper will not be published in the ACM conference proceedings.

All types of submissions (abstracts and papers) will be peer-reviewed by the MOCO community.

Please see the Call for Proposals for detailed instructions.

Submissions in the ACM publication track should be in pdf format and should use the ACM proceedings format:

All papers submissions must be as anonymous as possible, including references that may reveal the author(s).

All submissions must be made through Oxford Abstracts, this is the link for submissions:

A note on reviews: For MOCO by MOCO

Please note that after submitting your proposal to the MOCO conference, you may be approached by the MOCO Programme Committee to act as a reviewer for this conference. We would like to ask you to consider this question carefully, because without the support of the MOCO community in this process, it becomes very challenging to organize the conference. We would appreciate your engagement and contribution very much.

Estimating the Page Count

The page numbers that are indicated for the proposals that are part of the ACM Publication track are based on a two-column output.

The simplified input format of Word documents may make it difficult to determine a correspondence between ‘word count’ and the ‘page count’ of a well-formatted PDF document. The information below illustrates – in general terms – a correspondence between word count and page count. These estimations do not include figures, tables, or other elements typically found in an article, and this is exclusive of references.

Word Count - Page Count (approximate):

  • 1,300 words = 2 pages of formatted, two-column output
  • 3,100 words = 4 pages of formatted, two-column output
  • 5,000 words = 6 pages of formatted, two-column output
  • 7,000 words = 8 pages of formatted, two-column output

This information is based on the ACM Author Gateway - Proceedings